by Signalman

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released April 14, 2014



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Signalman San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Moments of Clarity
By the time I had a chance to look around I realized everybody that I called my friends were nowhere to be found and so I just wasted time and efforts on trying to fix what was long gone and it's sad People that we thought were real Friends we thought would never leave and it was sad Family that couldn't support what I want to be And it's the same insults regurgitated all throughout our lives No one can control the tide it's up to us to realize When it's all said and done only the strong at heart will survive We'll rise Rise For too long I've let myself be pushed down told I would never amount.
Track Name: Thoughts and Prayers
It seems like it was just yesterday I can remember my mother said to me "son,what are you gonna do when I'm not around?do you think that your family will take care of you?" Don't waste anytime follow your dreams and your heart just make sure that your loved ones know that you care and you'll always be there. always show that you care, show love and respect for the ones that choose to stick around. even through all of the bullshit don't hold on to grudges for too long cause you never know when it's your last goodbye. Sad to say I told you so, but eventually everyone goes. I don't think that I can take much more losing my mother was enough I wasn't prepared for what was in store. Simple things like getting out of bed just seem to be so difficult, I'll just let these days fade out until I can find what it is that I am looking for, but I don't think that anyone really knows the answers or solutions to the pain that won't fade with it everyday. Always asking yourself why, everybody else telling you they'll be there for you, but these are all just empty promises nobody really cares unless they go through it themselves. The pain it swells I'm holding on for dear life but I don't think I can hold on much longer anymore. Oh my god I've lost it all, and I have picked myself up every time I've ever been knocked down. Seems like its a sick test to see how much longer I can carry on. It's been so long ago, but it still burns like it was yesterday I can remember when the doctor said son you lost your dad, there isn't much that we can do. He'd be a vegetable he won't remember your face, can't recall your voice. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. But what are prayers? Wishful thinking can't repair the loneliness and despair that I feel. And I'm so scared, don't know what is to become of me or whether or not I even care. Sad to say I told you so, but eventually everyone goes and I don't wanna live with regret.
Track Name: Still Beating Heart of Punk Rock
If there's just one thing you should know about me it's that I'm not so easily impressed so spare me your bullshit. It's not the clothes that you wear or the music you like that defines you.its all the hard work and the sacrifice made for what you are striving to be, nobody said life would be easy so just quit your crying and make something of yourself before it's too damn late. The stars were never really my thing But who am I to deny anybody their dreams With effort I honestly believe that there isn't anything impossible to achieve. Judging myself before anyone else I'll always look to my own life to see where I can improve be better than what I set out to be you see things might not always work out the way we want.but I'd rather try and fail than just let myself spiral down.oblivious to every opportunity. what you live for, what you think you may know, don't let your arrogance make you think that you're better than anyone else, you're just a coward in disguise. With all the tattoos and the attitude you're still just an average..sure you fit the profile of what you're pretending to be. But don't get too caught up with your fabricated life. And you carry on, acting like there's nothing wrong it's just that everyone else sucks. Lose focus, just slip up for a bit I'll be waiting here to break your teeth.
Track Name: 263 Claremont (Anthony is Dead)
You know that you all have been like brothers to me, a family that I never had. And I will cherish that until the end.ill always have your back I will never leave you alone I swear. I'll always be there for you unlike the tides that shift we stay steady through the differences that tear us apart, break apart our hearts. Twisting our words to say what we don't mean when we're hurt. And I'll be there for you for always and forever. I'll never let you fall or surrender. We can drink 40's by the fire and smash TV sets until the sun rises. Things might never be the same, but one thing that I can promise you..I will never change. The distance seems to put perspective on things. Believe me when I say I didn't mean to make you feel like it was just a lost cause. Now come on and pick yourself up and let's try again. Punch for punch, kick for kick, knee for knee, an elbow to the side of your head to get you to see. You and I will be friends no matter what the circumstance is. You and I we are the same, and I'll never let you down. But you've got to keep your head held up high. Because if you don't I don't think that I can bare to lose another friend to suicide or heroin. Is this where our journey ends you selfishly removing yourself from our lives? Can I ask that you think twice? everything will be fine.
Track Name: Seein Red
Voices in my head I can't figure out which one is the, one time I said I would never feel alone I won't let myself be pushed to something I would never do. And it's fine, I can figure it out for myself. Everything is fine, I just seemed to have misplaced my mind. I'm just gonna stay for a while at least until I can get some rest.ya know it's been over a week and I feel numb. Nothing is working anymore. The pills that I take everyday I choose to ignore the fact that nobody writes nobody cares to see how we are doing these days. I just wanna be clear with you I never needed anything form you, you are poison. Infecting my mind.making me second guess everything I ever believed, a voice that will never leave. Personality changes just as fast as a light switches on. All that I see is red.
Track Name: Somewhere New
I have never been let down by someone. Especially someone who will forget me when I'm gone, someone who always makes me feel that I am wrong. Can't take this suffering, don't think I will because ya know its times like this we realize where it is we stand. I belong Somewhere I belong Somewhere Where I can be myself, not what you want because ya know its times like this we realize what we are capable of And I believe that I deserve better and I won't stop doing the things that I love for anyone else but myself. It's just sad that it had to come down to this. And it isn't to say that I regret every experience is one I've kept as something to learn from not to forget, but I have been so much better off since I have left. Sacrificing all my time, and beliefs to make you realize it wasn't for me. Everything I did. I never said I needed anything from you.i can make my own way. Somewhere new.